piatok 15. apríla 2016

So Guys! Finally the second vinyl is avaiable in the stores so don't wait any longer and buy one record, support KickMaSomaAss label. Centrifuge EP Part 2 contains remixes from F.Tek, DJ Brutec, Eric Sand and Mark Malle. Mr. F.Tek is bringing to our ears a really good hardgroove beat with heavy kicks and nice percussions. DJ Brutec remix sounds as always great. Heavy kicks, heavy hihats and dark percussions for a real good hardgroove sound, definitely a club burner. Eric Sand's remix is one of the best remixes on Centrifuge EP's. His killer bass and hihats are destroying every sound system, definitely one great track for every hardgroove fan. Mark Malle's remix is more progressive and with his bpm under 130 perfect for afterpartys or chillin.

Now little more info about this record:


Artist: Andy BSK
Title: Centrifuge EP Part2
Rel.date: 15 April 2016
Rec.Label: KickMaSomaAss
Cat.number: KMSA201601
Format: 12"
Style: Hardgroove Techno
Tracks: 4
Time: 26m21s

A1 Centrifuge (F.Tek Remix) 6:30
A2 Centrifuge (DJ Brutec Remix) 6:37
B1 Centrifuge (Eric Sand Remix) 6:20
B2 Centrifuge (Mark Malle Remix) 6:55

juno.co.uk: http://bit.ly/1UQuHG7
djshop.de: http://bit.ly/1S2PByg
deejay.de: http://bit.ly/1Ylunx3
decks.de: http://bit.ly/23AXRhA
vinyl24.de: http://bit.ly/1NcxTcL

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